Important Notice:

SMS Scams Targeting Bank Customers

Be cautious of SMS scams targeting Bank customers.


The Singapore Police Force has notified that there is a re-emergence of scams targeting Bank customers, where scammers may spoof the name of a Bank in an SMS, tricking victims into thinking that the messages were sent by the Bank.


The SMS would inform victims that their bank accounts had been “blocked” by local law enforcement agencies due to security issues. The message would also contain a link which leads to a phishing website.


When the victims click on the link, they would be led to a phishing website that resembles the official site of the bank, requesting for their personal particulars, internet banking details and OTPs. After providing the details, the victims subsequently discovered that unauthorised transactions were made from their bank accounts.


Note: The bank will never ask you to disclose, change or update your personal banking information via email, phone or SMS. If you suspect that you have been coaxed into entering a bogus bank site, please call us immediately at +65 6438 7888 or email