Important Notice:

Amended Commercial Banking Terms & Conditions Governing Banking Facilities Granted By CIMB Bank Berhad (SG Branch) Secured By A Mortgage Of Property

Dear Valued Customers,


Please be informed that the notice period required for full repayment/payment of your property loan/financing will be amended from three (3) months to two (2) months. Voluntary Prepayment/Payment clause on the Facility Letter for Property Loan/Financing will be amended as per below:


Voluntary Prepayment (Conventional)

The Facility(ies) may be prepaid in full by the Borrower giving to the Bank 2 months’ notice in writing or paying 2 months interest in lieu of notice;


Voluntary Prepayment (Islamic Financing)

The Facility(ies) may be prepaid in full or in part by the Customer on the last day of a Profit Period by giving to the Bank two (2) months' notice in writing or by paying two (2) months' profit in lieu of notice.


The change of notice period will be effective from 1st Nov 2021 for existing loans/financings and Facility Letter accepted on or before 31st October 2021.


Thank you.