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Every Step Counts

Every step we take counts and every second adds up to how much we raise for our beneficiaries this year. Find out how you too can donate to our cause.



Dear friends and family of #teamCIMB,


Join us in raising funds for our beneficiaries - the Family Service Centres and the Rainbow Centre supporting families that need support and children with special needs respectively.


With CIMB Fit with Purpose, we are clocking in workout hours to achieve our target donation of S$100,000, with CIMB Bank Singapore pledging S$10 per workout hour. Support our staff by pledging your donations via their name, of any amount you’d like. Or pledge your donations directly under CIMB SG.


#teamCIMB thanks you in advance for your support!

Step 1:

To start, visit cimb.vracex.com

Step 2:

Search for the staff’s name to go to their fund raising page OR search for CIMB SG if you wish to donate but do not know any CIMB SG staff

Step 3:

Click on the Support link

Step 4:

Enter your details such as Display Name and Donation Amount, and click on Donate Now

Step 5:

Enter your card details and click Next, followed by Pay

Step 6:

Upon successful payment, the Payment Success page will be shown

Ready to get started? Visit cimb.vracex.com now.