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Other Services

Other Services SGD FCY
Document/Statement Retrieval Charges
(for each monthly statement) 
Per statement:
Previous month – Free
2 months ago – SGD10
3 months ago – SGD15
More than 3 months – SGD20
Per statement:
Previous month – Free
2 months ago – USD10
3 months ago – USD15
More than 3 months – USD20
Audit Confirmations SGD50 per request (or its equivalent)  
Letter of Financial Standing SGD50 per request  
Tracers/Investigations Cable charges (SGD30 or its equivalent)  
Cable Charges SGD30 or its equivalent  
Courier Charges At cost, per request (min. SGD10 or its equivalent)  
Registered Mail (in Singapore) Local and within Malaysia – SGD5
Overseas – SGD10
MT103 retrieval SGD5 per MT103 retrieved  
General Service Charges | Corporate Pricing Guide | CIMB SG