What Is a Bank Overdraft?

An overdraft is an arrangement with a bank that allows the bank to extend cash beyond a customer's available balance when needed. This facility enables businesses to access more financing than what is currently available in their bank accounts. The bank levies an interest rate on the overdraft amount, allowing customers to repay their loan over time. Overall, an overdraft can be a reliable source of financing for businesses.

Features & Benefits

Pay For Amount Used
Short-Term Cash Flow

Find Financial Freedom with CIMB’s Secured Overdraft Facility

At CIMB, we are committed to building a strong and sustainable financial future for our customers. As such, our overdraft facility provides an extra layer of protection, giving you access to more funds whenever you need them . CIMB’s cash financing and competitive interest rates offer a secure way to borrow the money you need while keeping track of debt. Contact us today for more information.

How To Apply

To apply, simply email sgb.corporatebanking@cimb.com