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Monitor Transactions
Account Balances
Instant Notifications

How To Apply

Please complete the Corporate E-Alerts Service Application form and mail the original copy to CIMB Bank Berhad, 30 Raffles Place #04-01 Singapore 048622 (Attn: Account Services Department).


1. I would like to sign up for the CIMB Corporate E-Alerts Service for my company. How do I apply for it?

Please complete the Corporate E-Alerts Service Application form. You may click here to download the form.


2. How long does it take to activate the Corporate E-Alerts Service?
Upon the Bank’s receipt of the duly completed form(s), the Corporate E-Alerts Service will be activated within 5 working days. An email and/or SMS (depending on your service request) will be sent to you once the service is activated.


3. Can I subscribe to the Corporate E-Alerts Service for all my CIMB accounts?
This service is applicable to all your corporate current accounts with CIMB Bank. Prevailing charges will apply; please refer to Fees & Charges available on www.cimbbank.com.sg for more information.

4. Is the Corporate E-Alerts Service safe and secure?
To safeguard the interest of our customers, the account number indicated in the Corporate E-Alerts Service notifications going out to the company’s registered users will be partially masked.


5. What security precautions should I take when using the Corporate E-Alerts Service?
You should apply the same strict precautions when it comes to securing your devices against theft, loss and unauthorised access. In addition, you may also wish to delete any SMS/emails in regard to your Corporate E-Alerts Service once you have read them.

6. How is the information provided in the SMS alert different from the email alert?
Unlike SMS messages which have a character restriction, the email alerts contain more details of transactions such as Transaction Type and Remarks.

7. How long does it take to receive SMS E-Alerts?
You should receive the SMS E-Alerts almost instantly. However, there may be a delay when mobile networks are congested or your phone has no signal.


8. If I’m overseas using roaming service, will I incur charges when I receive SMS E-Alerts?
You may incur additional charge(s) imposed by your mobile service provider for overseas SMS – please check with your mobile service provider to find out more.


9. Can I subscribe to the service using an overseas mobile number?
Yes, you can sign up for the service using an overseas mobile number. However, additional charge(s) may be imposed by your mobile service provider.

10. I am using a prepaid SIM card. Will I be able to receive SMS E-Alerts?
The service will work as long as your mobile phone plan allows you to receive SMS messages. Please check with your mobile phone service                 provider to find out more.


11. My staff whose mobile number and email address were registered with the company is no longer with the company. How do I inform             the Bank?
Please complete the Corporate E-Alerts Service Maintenance form to remove the particular user’s mobile number and email address. You may           mail the form to our Account Services Department or submit it at any of our branches. Alternatively, you may call our Call Centre hotline
+65 6438 7888 (Monday to Friday, 9am to 6pm) for assistance.


12. When will the charges for the Corporate E-Alerts Service be deducted?
The applicable charges will be deducted from your account on the 1st of every month.