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Embarking on international travel opens a world of experiences, and having the right financial tools can make your journey more enriching. The CIMB Visa Infinite credit card stands out as the best credit card for travel, offering a wide range of benefits specifically tailored for overseas spending and travelling in comfort. Let's delve into how this credit card can elevate your travels, wherever in the world you may choose to roam.

1. Booking Flights and Accommodations

Your journey begins with booking your flight and accommodations. With your CIMB Visa Infinite credit card, not only can you earn cashback, but you also gain access to exclusive travel promotions. Your dream destination does not need to come at a heavy price, spend and earn with the CIMB Visa Infinite card. 

2. Pre-Trip Preparations

Many people often forget to purchase their travel insurance before embarking on their holiday. With the CIMB Visa Infinite card, strike off travel insurance on your list of to-dos for all your future trips! Simply charge your full travel fare to the card and you will automatically receive comprehensive travel insurance of up to S$1,000,000*. This coverage safeguards you against a range of travel issues, including flight delays and medical emergencies. What’s more, enjoy a smoother journey to and from the airport by booking an Airport Limousine transfer with a 5% discount, a benefit for Visa Infinite cardmembers that makes airport transfer hassle-free with the simple swipe of your credit card!

3. Airport Luxuries and Conveniences

Transition from the hustle of travel preparations to a world of luxury at the airport with the CIMB Visa Infinite card.  With access to over 1,000 VIP lounges worldwide via DragonPass, you're welcomed into an exclusive realm of comfort. Picture yourself unwinding in a plush, tranquil lounge, away from the airport’s crowded terminals. These lounges are more than just waiting areas; they are sanctuaries of serene relaxation. Alternatively, feast at your favourite dining outlets and savour generous discounts of up to 25% (applicable at selected airport restaurants). 

4. Arriving at Your Destination

Upon landing, the convenience of your CIMB credit card continues. Use the CIMB Visa Infinite card to indulge in dining and shopping, while effortlessly earning unlimited 2% cashback on all overseas spend in foreign currency. This means that every time you're sampling the best sushi in Tokyo or browsing through the boutiques of downtown Seoul, you're not just enjoying the local flavours and finds — you're also accumulating substantial rewards overseas. 

5. Exploring with Ease

Enhance your travel experience with the Visa Concierge service, a standout benefit of the CIMB Visa Infinite credit card. Whether it's securing reservations at highly sought-after restaurants or obtaining tickets for exclusive overseas events, the concierge service adds a layer of convenience, allowing you to immerse in the local culture effortlessly.

6. Enjoy Your Trip with Peace of Mind

Throughout your journey, the comprehensive travel insurance offered by your CIMB Visa Infinite card ensures that you are always thoroughly protected. Whether it's missing baggage or a medical emergency, fall back on the assurance that you're fully covered. This level of protection extends beyond travel inconveniences; it encompasses a broad range of potential challenges, giving you the freedom to explore the world with confidence.

Transform Your Next Trip with CIMB’s Travel Benefits


Your next trip abroad can be more than a travel experience; anticipate a journey enriched by the many benefits of your CIMB credit card. From exclusive lounge access to enhanced travel security, every step of your journey becomes elevated. Returning home with some of the best memories to last a lifetime, it becomes clear that you’re not just travelling anymore; you're travelling with purpose and privilege.


Embark on your next journey with the CIMB Visa Infinite Card, and transform your travel experiences into extraordinary adventures. Find out more about how this card stands out as the best credit card for travel and enjoy a seamless online application to get started.



T&Cs apply. Please visit CIMB Visa Infinite Credit Card page for more information.

*For more details about CIMB VISA Infinite Travel Insurance, please visit here.