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What must I do after receiving my CIMB FastSaver-i account number?

New-to-Bank Customers Existing Bank Customers

You are required to activate your CIMB FastSaver-i account after receiving your new account number. You can do so by transferring a minimum initial deposit of S$1,000 via FAST (Fast and Secure Transfers) from your account with another bank into your CIMB FastSaver-i account using Internet banking:


- For Individual Account Holder: do a funds transfer via FAST from your personal account (i.e. the account must bear your name only) with another bank in Singapore.

- For Joint Account Holders: do a funds transfer via FAST from each of the respective applicant’s personal account (i.e. the respective account must bear the individual name only) with another bank in Singapore.


Please note that your CIMB FastSaver-i account cannot be activated if the minimum initial deposit is funded by a 3rd-party account that does not bear the name of the individual account holder or the respective name of the joint account holders.

You can activate your CIMB FastSaver-i account by transferring the initial deposit of S$1,000 from your CIMB Bank Singapore Savings and/or Current Account using CIMB Clicks.

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