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How much will I need to save every month if I wish to go for the Hajj pilgrimage?


We have 3 packages for you to choose from. Assuming the Hajj cost is S$30,000 and you need to save up S$30,000 to go for pilgrimage:


Packages on Offer

Amount to Save Monthly 

If You Plan to Perform Hajj In

Total Amount To Save Up For

S$500 per month


5 Years 



S$250 per month


10 Years 

S$125 per month


15 Years 


  • Month-end incremental deposit required to earn the higher profit rate i.e. 2.00%p.a. for the relevant month which will be given to customer on whole balance if the month end target balance is met and the entire account balance has a minimum of S$100. If the month end target balance or minimum account balance is not met and/or the savings amount is more than S$30,000, customer agrees to grant a rebate of up to 1.00%p.a. to CIMB Bank. Pursuant thereto, the lower profit rate i.e. 1.00%p.a. is accorded to the customer for that month.
  • The profit is accrued daily but paid monthly.
  • Profit rates are subjected to change.


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