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What are quasi cash transactions? 

Quasi cash transactions represent the purchase of foreign currencies or items (including, but not limited to, casino chips, cryptocurrencies, money orders, lottery tickets and travellers cheques) which may be convertible to cash, and other such transactions as determined by us from time to time.


Quasi cash transactions are based primarily on Merchant Category Codes (MCCs). The following are identified MCCs with their respective descriptions:


  • 7802 – Government-licensed horse/dog racing
  • 7995 – Betting, including lottery tickets, casino gambling chips, off-track betting, and wagers at race tracks
  • 4829 – Money order / wire transfer
  • 6050 – Quasi cash / customer financial institution
  • 6051 – Non-financial institution such as cryptocurrency, foreign currency, money order (not wire transfers), stored value card/load, and travellers cheque.
  • 7801 – Government-licensed online casinos (online gambling)

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