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Outward Return Cheque

# Products / Items Charges
1 Due to insufficient funds SGD - S$30 per cheque
FCY - US$20 per cheque
2 Due to other reasons SGD - S$30 per cheque (at the Bank’s discretion)
FCY - US$15 per cheque

Stop Payment

# Products / Items Charges
1 Stop Payment

- S$30 per cheque

- S$50 per range


- US$20 per cheque

- US$30 per range

Inward Return Cheque

# Products / Items Charges
1 Inward Return Cheque SGD Account - Waived
USD Account - Waived

Cheque Image Retrieval

# Products / Items Charges
1 Cheque Image Retrieval SGD Account - S$50 per cheque
USD Account - S$50 per cheque

Marked Cheque

# Products / Items Charges
1 Direct Marking CIMB Cheques SGD Account - S$50 per cheque (collect from presenting bank)
2 Other Banks' Cheques SGD Account - S$100 per cheque + courier charges (if applicable)

Foreign Currency Cheques Collection Cleared Locally

# Products / Items Charges
1 USD cheques drawn on local clearing participating banks Free
2 Other currency cheques and USD cheques drawn on non-participating banks. (For cheques drawn on non-participating banks, minimum cheque amount is USD1,000 for USD cheques and EUR300 for EUR cheques)

Credit to Payee’s SGD Account:

S$10 per cheque + agent fee (if applicable) + postage


Credit to Payee’s Foreign Currency Account (inclu. Brunei Dollar):

0.125% commission (min $10, max $200) per cheque + agent fee (if applicable) + postage


3 Ringgit Cheques Drawn In Malaysia S$10 per cheque + postage

Important Notes & Disclaimer


1. For non-account holder, payment in foreign currency is subject to Bank's approval.

2. Withdrawal of SGD or Foreign Currency Fixed Deposit by means of outward remittance (Banker's Cheque, Demand Draft or Telegraphic Transfer) is subject to the fee structure as stipulated in the respective sections.

Earnings on foreign currency deposits are dependent on the exchange rates prevalent at the time of maturity or withdrawal, as the case may be; and that adverse exchange rate movements could erase interest earnings completely and reduce the principal amount.

Unless otherwise stipulated, all out of pocket expenses including cost of postage, telecommunication, transportation, correspondences, goods & services tax or agent's charges are for customers' account. Agents' interest will be collected from date of purchase to approximate date of payment.