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CIMB Solution Managers conduct fortnightly webinar trainings to introduce the functionalities in BizChannel@CIMB. Find out more from our specialists on how you can better manage your cash management transactions online easily.

Agenda includes:

  • Accounts Information
  • Local Payments
  • Remittance with Competitive FX rates
  • Live Q&A session
  • Bulk Payments (upon request)


Sign up now for one of our sessions listed and insert your preferred date in the form, via the link below.

Date Day Time
21 Apr, 2022 Thursday 3.00 pm
5 May, 2022 Thursday 11.00 am
19 May, 2022 Thursday 3.00 pm
2 Jun, 2022 Thursday 11.00 am
16 Jun, 2022 Thursday 3.00 pm

7 Jul, 2022

Thursday 11.00 am

21 Jul, 2022

Thursday 3.00 pm

4 Aug, 2022

Thursday 11.00 am

18 Aug, 2022

Thursday 3.00 pm

By participating in the webinar, you will be required to access a third party platform provider and may be subject to its terms and conditions of use. CIMB Bank Berhad will not be held responsible or liable for any actions or omissions of the platform provider and participants during this webinar, including any display of your personal data to other participants during the webinar.


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Mail the original copy to:

CIMB Bank Berhad 30 Raffles Place #04-01 Singapore 048622 (Attn: Account Services Department)

Fees & Charges

Nominal monthly subscription fees and competitive transaction fees are charged for using BizChannel@CIMB services.