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Minimum Initial Deposits

AUD1,000 / CAD1,000 / CNH15,000 / GBP1,000 / HKD5,000 / NZD1,000 / USD1,000

Minimum Monthly Average Balance

As per minimum initial deposit, otherwise the following fees apply: AUD10 per month / CAD10 per month /  CNH50 per month / GBP5 per month / HKD50 per month / NZD10 per month / USD10 per month.


CIMB Foreign Currency Current Account is a non-interest bearing account.

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How To Apply

Step 1

Prepare the following documents before you start your application online.


Document Checklist:

Certified true copies^ of the following company documents:


1. For private limited companies:

    Memorandum and Articles of Association or Constitution


2. For partnership/ limited partnerships, or limited liability partnerships that have a partnership agreement:

    Partnership agreement


^A certified true copy is a copy of an original document that has been stamped or signed with "CTC" to confirm the copy is true and authentic by the following persons:

- For private limited or public company: 2 directors; or 1 director and 1 secretary; or 1 director if you have a single director

For partnerships: 2 partners

- For sole proprietorship: The business owner


NRIC/ FIN/ Passport copy* and specimen signatures of the following persons:


  • All person who can sign off this application#
  • All authorised signatories
  • All approving persons (unless you are a sole proprietorship)
  • All controlling persons (only if applicable to your company)


#Persons who can sign off this application:

  • ID documents for Directors and Ultimate Beneficial Owners (if applicable)
  • For private limited or public company: 2 directors; or 1 director and 1 secretary; or 1 director if you have a single director
  • For partnerships: 2 partners
  • For sole proprietorship: The business owner

*NRIC for Singapore Citizens and residents or passport copy for non-citizens

Step 2 


Click on the button below to begin your application. The application will take approximately 15 minutes* to complete.